Coach M.D. “POWER UP” Alexander speaks on the need for guidance when one feels lost.

What If…

Modern society was built from mantras of 19th and 20th century industrialization that brainwashed with,

“GO, GO, GO (or you’re lazy)!”
“We need more, scale up!”
“You must continuously grow (year over year) or you’re a failure!”

What continually grows with no end and destroys it’s environment?


Unending productivity pressure is our malignant tumor which is on the brink of eliminating us.

This CANNOT be the way we were meant to live. Were we only put here to work more hours than we spend with our families and self-discovery time? Is this our purpose?!

What if you were told that there was a way to provide you with a simple and practical, personal guideline that assisted you in exploring your:

  • Purpose/Direction
  • Career Strength
  • Emotional Grounding
  • Energetic Limitations
  • Passion Powers
  • And More

Would this help you in your search for satisfaction, success, and/or peace in life?

If you answered with “YES”, you’ll be interested in the story of Coach M.D. “POWER UP” Alexander formerly known as inmate 51241-019.