The Power of Transformation

Coach M.D. “POWER UP” Alexander

Renowned wellness leader Coach M.D. “POWER UP” Alexander knows this process better than anybody.  While serving 10 years in U.S. Federal Prison, he began an honest deep-dive into himself and his past.  It was hard and, sometimes, painful, however, it brought forth a beautiful love of self and clarity of his direction.  

Coach M.D.’s past federal prison ID

The process he endured to transform his life was one that has been practiced since ancient times but was due for a modern polishing.  He realized that his self-doubts, self-sabotaging behavior, poor eating habits, misdirected productivity was all rooted in his holistic conditioning that started in his mind, then behavioral habits.

Coach M.D. leading an annual wellness walk he co-founded in his old neighborhood in Warrensville Hts, OH (outside of Cleveland, OH)

The Rebel Who Transformed into a Leader

Before becoming a wellness practitioner, Coach M.D. “POWER UP” Alexander was a young man facing the challenges of anger, disappointment, and misdirection, in the streets of Cleveland, Ohio. That receipe led him from gang activity, drug trafficking, and other rebellious acts to federal prison claiming 10 years of his life as inmate 51241-019.

He wasn’t just some knuckleheaded thug, there was another side of him that existed and some people recognized. He was a young entreprenuer, visual artist, poet, and musician. His focus was always on understanding people and the world. He had dreams of attending college (Morehouse College), becoming a businessman and investor, however, he lacked guidance and clarity of himself.

Federal prisoner 51241-019 refused to allow his time incarcerated to dictate the outcome of his life. He knew that he was here for so much in life, and that he had more to offer than what was seen at that time. He dedicated hours, days, weeks, months, and years, to developing his knowledge of self, others, and life. After 10 years of trials and tribulations, he made a breakthrough. The young man who entered prison as inmate 51241-019 left as a reborn M.D. Alexander.

Over the next 10 years, following his release, M.D. Alexander continued his studies and practice of self-development, wellness, and behavior modification, in addition to becoming a renowned certified personal trainer and nutritionist throughout Cleveland, Northern Virginia, and Southern California, completing his transformation into Coach M.D. “POWER UP” Alexander.


Would you be rubbed the wrong way if the fact was shared that you are slowly “committing suicide” due to your involuntary mental conditioning that you have been unknowingly reinforcing?

To test this concept, here is a short list of five questions for you:

1. Are you one of the people who questions what you’ve been doing with your life up to this point (why am I here and what is my purpose)?

2. Are you someone who asks, “why am I not as happy as I know I can be”?

3. Do you suffer from any metabolic disorders (or in the preliminary stages) such as: 

⚠️ high blood sugar,
⚠️ high blood pressure,
⚠️ excessive fat around your waist,
⚠️ digestive issues, or
⚠️ reproductive issues?

4. Do you feel fatigued throughout the day like your energy-levels tank out a lot?

5. Have you experienced clouded thinking or the feeling that it’s hard to focus?

The list could go on with endless questions, however, just these five issues can give insight to severity of your possible problems.

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, you are not alone or the first.  Keep scrolling.

Coach M.D. with a group of members at an event he was invited to lead.

“When there is a misalignment between your habits and your body, miscommunication between your conscious and subconscious, and resistance between the sea of Universal Energy and your personal energy signature (singular frequency), there is sickness also known as disease (dis-ease = lack of ease in transmission of energy in and around one’s being).” 

– Coach M.D. “POWER UP” Alexander

Coach M.D. “POWER UP” Alexander guiding a client during one of their recurring online sessions.


Coach M.D. “POWER UP” Alexander calls his personal process The H.A.C. System™ (The Holistic Alchemi Coaching System ™), which is a simplified and practical version of the ancient spiritual alchemy process he learned. His innovative system includes an introductory 3-Step Process:

✅ Step 1: Holistic Alchemi Enlightnement™ Learn important fundamentals behind the transformation process that you will be going through to enhance your quality of life.

✅ Step 2: Holistic Alchemi Empowerment™ Learn about your Personal Signature Energy (includes Inner Authority, Personality, and Life Direction) and possible blockages in the areas of soul, mind and body.  This will show you what areas are to be focused on for healing and empowerment.

✅ Step 3: Holistic Alchemi Elevation™
Coach M.D. “POWER UP” Alexander will provide a personalized 12-Points of Elevation™ guideline for you to utilize in your daily routines and interactions to mentally recondition yourself for satisfaction, success, and PEACE in your life.

Inside Look at One of Coach M.D. “POWER UP” Alexander’s Online Coaching Classes:


There are others life you seeking direction and support. Read feedback from some of those people:


  • “Coach Mike was my personal trainer for 5 years. As my trainer, Coach was able to determine the exercises for my body and hormonal type. He is very dedicated in researching new exercise techniques and natural health strategies so his clients can achieve overall health. I would also consult Coach over the phone about what exercises I can do at home when I’m not training with him. His nutritional advice provided a platform for me to burn fat when I was not working out. Coach’s personal training not only helped me physically but mentally as well. He explained to me the connection between your physical and mental well being. All the strategies that I learned from him, I am still using today and, yes, they are still working.”
    Contata G., MBA (Cleveland, OH)
  • “Coach Mike has been a great help with long distance coaching via the Internet. While being deployed (Army), he has provided me with detailed instructions to add to my personal workout. Having multiple bilateral knee surgeries, he prepared a plan that would allow me to continue conditioning my body and not affect my doctor’s restrictions.”
    Retired U.S. Army SGM Dionne A., RDH, MBA (Dubai)
  • “Coach Mike is simply amazing at what he does. The attention to detail and instructions he gives make the entire experience what it is. 10/10 would recommend.”
    Ruth T., LPT (Anaheim, CA)
  • “Thank you on the self clarity, it was definitely needed during my life transformation, my new adventure, my next journey in life. It’s very Important for people to know who they are. You are an awesome guide. I’m grateful for you and your work. I promise I will send people your way that best benefit from your divine services.”
    Asiah R., LMT (Los Angeles, CA)

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