Step 2: Holistic Alchemi Empowerment™

Learn about your energy and blockages in the areas of soul, mind and body via a personalized transformation program that will show you what areas are to be focused on for healing and empowerment.

Follow-Up Activities

Holistic Alchemi™ is all about transformation.  This transformation starts with understanding one’s energetic signature (Spirit Realm) to better focus one’s mental faculties (Mind Realm) and heal one’s physical form (Body Realm).

In order to begin this process, the following information will be needed (for the first three should’ve already been sent”:

– Date of birth

– Time of birth

– Place (country, state and city) of birth

– Physical measurements (waist, hips, left thigh, left arm and shoulder girth)

– Bodyfat percentage

– Disclosure of any current physical ailments (protected under U.S. HIPAA Privacy Act)

– Best days and times of availability

Please send information for review by Coach M.D. “POWER UP” Alexander via email (

Your one-on-one session will be scheduled after your info is received and processed (usually within 24-48 hours).